Agence de la vache rouge / Project management

Works overview

Flollowing the purchase of an ancient house, often comes the question of making works on it.
Sometines, due to the distance, the lack of time or skills, the new owners can not be able to follow accurately the restoring process of their home.

Because we often encounter this kind of situation, we develop a dedicated offer wich includes the whole process by taking in charge the overview of the works, in close contact with the owners, acting as an interface between you and the work companies, the craftsmen, the administration...

Our clients can rely on 10 years of experience and successful restorations.

We commit ourselves to respect delays and to inform you regularly trough written reports, following the overhang of the restoring process.

Agence de la Vache Rouge -
15400 TRIZAC - Phone : +33 6 61 50 61 51             Paris 16ème - Tél : +33 6 61 50 61 51

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