Agence de la vache rouge / Interior Design

Interior Design

We can support you trought our skills in interior design & architecture.

Define the best place for rooms and spaces
Choice and supply for materials such as tilings, wooden floors...
Choice and supply for furnitures : kitchen, bathroom...
Choice and supply for any piece of decorating : couch/sofa, lights, carpets...

Partners of many brands, we are in touch all along the year and we participate to exhibits (as the famous "Maison & Objets") which makes us informed of new trends.

Feel free to ask us for one or for all these steps. Our office can easily be opened to you on a simple call.

Agence de la Vache Rouge -
15400 TRIZAC - Phone : +33 6 61 50 61 51             Paris 16ème - Tél : +33 6 61 50 61 51

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